Texas Shooting Gunman Identity

This post will be guiding you on Texas Shooting Gunman Identity. As you already know about the shooting incident that shook United States.

Till now, a boy is identified as main culprit. I will tell you about all the details about him in this post.

Texas Shooting Gunman Identity

The 18 year old Salvador Ramos was identified as the main suspect behind this mass shooting. He shot and killed 18 students and 2 adults at Texas Elementary School.

He cryptically messaged a stranger girl, “I’m about to” just hours before he did this crime. Fortunately, he was shot dead by the police during the incident.

Texas Shooting Gunman Identity
Texas Shooting Gunman Identity

No one can guess, what was going in the mind of 18 year old guy. He may be addicted to some kind of dark web. Dark web is a place on internet where people do unusual things. Years before, a game was launched in which certain task is assigned to player. The task can be about anything and if a player completes it, then a prize is paid.

Texas Shooting Gunman Dead

Salvador Ramos who attended the town’s high school has also shot his grandmother before this mass shooting. His grandmother is in hospital right now, she must have tried to stop him. She was shot by a handgun or possibly by a rifle.

Salvador Ramos also posted many photos of guns and magazines on Instagram. I think gun culture should stop in USA so that security check can be done for minors. Minors easily gets lured over the internet and do something unusual. It is very shocking to hear these types of news.

Citizens are not safe at all. Nobody can guess who can kill you because of these types of incident. The crimes in which a little guy is involved is very disturbing.

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I hope you all liked this post on Texas Shooting Gunman Identity. This is a very disturbing and bad news for the country. United States of America should ban using of guns by citizens. Gun culture should stop so that proper check can be done over internet. You can visit our other sections like News, Sports, Biography and Government Jobs.

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